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After learning they were linked by blood, husband and wife were reduced to tears.

Since the world we live in is a global village, every man’s secret will eventually be exposed. I’m a 46-year-old guy, and my wife and I have been happily married for the past five years. I was troubled by the inability to father a kid despite having committed to providing the bridal price for my wife. My wife mysteriously terminated all of her pregnancies. The repeated abortions were another source of anxiety for the wife.

As a result, we set out to solicit help from higher spiritual authorities. Some people have speculated that the issue originated in my wife’s womb, while others have said that it is Spiritual. I gave the Spiritualists money for their services because I was desperate, but nothing helped.

My wife and I were introduced to Dr. Edward Solution of the temple, phone +234808 802 2xx9, who told us that our shared maternal ancestry is the cause of the inability to conceive. Being as how I didn’t know my mom before she abandoned my father for another man at such a young age, I was taken aback.

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Because of this, I became concerned that my father would take me away from my mother’s relatives. My wife also managed to convince her dad to come along because her mom is running late and she hasn’t told her where the kid is. At the point where they could take no more stress. Despite being transported in different ways, we eventually found out that our mother had given birth to twins.

Since I can’t bear to be separated from my wife, who is now my sister, I’m torn between going through with the wedding and continuing our relationship as blood brothers and sisters.

We have sworn on an oath that no matter what happens, we will never be separated. Further, we’ve had a symbiotic carnal relationship for some time now. Thus, it is quite hard for us to detach. My dad says we can’t be married because we’re siblings. the same goes for my sister’s father, who I thought was her husband.

In a bind, I could need some guidance from you she asked.

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