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An irate Nigerian customer attacks a bank because he didn’t get a birthday message (video)

A Nigerian comedian known as Chineke Boy recently caused a stir by going to many different banks during business hours to lodge an unusual complaint.

Since all banks can do is deduct fees and VAT from clients’ accounts, the comedian stormed into two different banks to question them about not sending him a text message on his birthday.

The content creator said that he had reached a milestone birthday the day before, but that the bank had forgotten to honor the occasion.
A video of him in the bank’s lobby went viral in which he yelled at security and customer care to shut his account immediately or text him a link to do so.

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When he said this, the other customers and even some of the bank employees in the hall started laughing uncontrollably.

His ranting became so heated that someone even started singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

After all this commotion, however, he finally revealed that he was a comic and just wanted to cause a stir, and he promptly left the bank.

Check out the clip down below:

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