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Harry Kane of England, along with other captains, may be FORBIDEN from donning rainbow-colored OneLove armbands.[Details]

Since FIFA hasn’t yet given them permission, England’s Harry Kane and other captains could be FORBIDDEN from wearing rainbow-colored OneLove armbands to promote diversity and inclusiveness during the Qatar World Cup.

It’s possible that the World Cup organizers would forbid English and other national team captains from donning OneLove armbands in support of LGBT rights.

It’s possible that the World Cup organizers would forbid the England and other national team captains to wear their OneLove armbands.

Sportsmail has learned that FIFA has not yet granted Harry Kane or any other captain permission to wear the armbands, which advocate for diversity and inclusion and are anti-discriminatory, in Qatar, where both same-sex relationships and the promotion of same-sex relationships are illegal.

Now, only two months before the tournament begins, England and other major soccer powers like Germany, Wales, and France are on a collision path with world football’s governing body and the Gulf state itself.

UEFA has granted clearance for the armbands to be worn at the most recent round of Nations League matches.

While England has written to FIFA requesting permission, they have not yet awarded it.

According to FIFA regulations, the armbands cannot be worn without prior approval.

If the necessary approval is not granted, those affected (which also includes Denmark, Belgium, and Sweden) may be prohibited from donning the bands.

They might even be disqualified from the tournament, though that’s “very unlikely” at this point.

A diplomatic crisis has already been triggered by this issue. The FA and the Qatar Football Association formalized their cooperation in 2018 by signing a memorandum of understanding.

Officials in the Gulf State were reportedly “extremely displeased” by the agreement because they were not consulted about the armbands.

The onus, it seems, is now on Qatar to make a move. They should coordinate with FIFA to determine what to do next.

Before Euro 2020, the Netherlands launched the OneLove campaign.

Kane, who will lead England into battle against Italy tomorrow, is a proud supporter of the OneLove movement and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to wear the captain’s armband in support of the cause.

We captains may be rivals on the field, but we’re united in our opposition to prejudice.

At a time when social divide is so widespread, this is even more important.

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