Love Island viewers agree that Michael Owen’s kids are Tottenham fans.

After Gemma Owen was spotted with a Tottenham shirt, followers of LOVE ISLAND had the same reaction.

Fans of soccer have likened Michael Owen‘s 19-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, Luca Bish, who both wore Spurs jerseys, to the “bottle job” club for their elimination from the reality show.

On the hit, ITV dating show, the two of them finished in second place.

No surprise Gemma and Luca blew the Love Island final, ODDSbible tweeted alongside the photo.

Fans made fun of the couple, with many remarking that the two make an ideal match given Tottenham’s dismal record of trophy-lessness since 2008.

Someone on Twitter stated: “What the heck!!! How did she even get into that shirt? He was always sour and never funny, so it’s no surprise. She seemed to be in distress.”

One more added: “Yes, bro, it makes perfect sense. True white Lillys have it in their veins.”

Said another, more harshly: “Obviously, this explains why he felt insecure about everything. The stereotypical supporter of the Spurs.”

Owen seemed to want to wrap things off fast in the whole video on Bish’s TikTok channel.

Someone who likes the artist said, “There’s no way she’s doing this to her dad.”

Michael, the father, had a spectacular career that took him to teams like Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle, Manchester United, and Stoke City.

The former England player turned commentator said he didn’t see any of Gemma’s challenges while the show was airing.

Last month, Bish asked Gemma to be his girlfriend in a hugely extravagant ceremony.

The 23-year-old fisherman outdid even the villa’s producers with his extravagant display, complete with candles, roses, and Cartier presents.

Spurs’ good start to the season in the Premier League, in which they have won five games and drawn two, provides a fitting backdrop for the shirt-wearing shenanigans.

They are now third in the league, just one point behind Arsenal in first.

In the Champions League, they are currently in second place.

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