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Social Welfare Officer Sound the Alarm Over S[email protected] Activity Among Kindergarteners At Sekondi-Takoradi Schools

Constance Baiden, the Social Welfare Officer for the Metropolitan Area of Sekondi-Takoradi, has reported that kindergarteners in her area have been engaging in sexual activity.

The STMA officer disclosed this on Radio 360’s flagship program, Y3nsom hosted by Kwame Malcolm, saying that it was discussed during recent rounds as part of their sensitization efforts.

As an example, the author writes, “.We recently visited some primary schools in the metropolis to undertake sensitization, the madam said, ei please this is a primary school and I asked they add all the K-G pupils because do you know that in these recent times Kindergarten pupils are having sex with themselves?” How shocking is that to you? I can declare with certainty that K-G children are having sexual relations with one another. If you don’t believe me, check with the principals and/or the headmistresses… As for me, I make sure to include all of them in my sensitization rounds, and parents shouldn’t leave their children behind either; you might even come across a young child who is interested in this sort of thing; it’s important to catch them while they’re still in the early stages of engaging in it since they see it on television and their mothers are constantly bringing home new partners. They are aware of this because we meet with the directors of education to discuss it and report on it.

She went on to say that in September, representatives from Sekondi township’s Social Welfare department paid a visit to the area’s newly established prostitute hub.

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This month we have done two sensitization visits, one to the railways and one to the post office. Girls as young as 10 and 12 have been spotted in there, and our top priority is rescuing them and returning them to their families.

Cars come to park there at night, so adults treat the young girls like they’re in kindergarten. When we went there, we asked a Nigerian girl of around 16 how much she charges, as we had heard that the beach area was for adults and the railway’s section was for children. She said that she can sleep with as many as eight people in a day for 20 cedis, 30 cedis, or 50 cedis. We tried to get her involved in a trade, but she ultimately decided against it. We’ve also rescued kids from Nkontompo, Essaman, and Ekuasi and returned them to their families, only to have them return the next time,” she said.

According to Hon. Ibrahim Ousmane aka Sansiro, an assembly member for Asimensudo, prostitution rings are well-organized, and it can cost as much as 8,000 cedis to break away from your mistress and start working independently.

The majority of the wooden buildings the girls use as a brothel, he said, are owned by individuals like one “Passover,” a former Naval officer.

After calling the police, DOVSSU, Sekondi Naval Base, Social Welfare, and the Ghana Immigration Service with no results because they all said it was the responsibility of the Sekondi Assembly to take action, he wondered why this was happening in plain sight of the Assembly.

Hon. Sampson Darko aka Sampson K, assembly member for the Asafo Electoral Area, bemoaned the assembly’s waste of time in checking the widespread brothels because, in the next few years, some civil society organizations might come to their rescue in the name of human rights if they try to evict them.

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