Tyson Fury places doubt on his upcoming bout with Anthony Joshua.

By claiming he has yet to sign the contract, Tyson Fury has placed doubt on his December showdown with Anthony Joshua.

Joshua’s management team, 258, stated last week that their client had agreed to all of the stipulations for a December 3 bout with Fury.

Fury, though, is doubtful that Joshua will agree to a bout later this year, and has signaled that he is open to finding an alternative opponent.

As a result of Oleksandr Usyk’s comments that the Gypsy King is “afraid” of fighting him, Fury has also lashed out at the Ukrainian.

‘Usyk… You little s*** hole, you little ***bag,’ Fury wrote on Instagram.

Afraid of you and your smack talk? You little sausage, I’m going to punch you in the gut.

And the other s****house is that enormous bodybuilder Joshua; he’s a real s*****house.

I don’t know how long he’s had the contract, but he still ain’t signed it.

You don’t want to fight, you little sausage, because your manager is a sausage.

I’ve never met two such scumbag packs in all my life.

“However, if this sausage does not sign the contract, which I do not think he is because I do not think he has the b to because he is a s**bag, then I will be fighting on December 3.

“The two of you are a bunch of s***houses made out of sausages.

“Joshua is a shithole, and Usyk is a shithole.” Every one of you is a piece of s***.

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