Backstage News: The Fireball spot from WWE SmackDown didn’t go as planned

On Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown, there was a scene in which Scarlett threw a fireball at Drew McIntyre. This spot wasn’t what was planned.

Fightful says that Scarlett wanted to throw the fireball right at Drew McIntyre’s face, but it went over his head instead.

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The report says that the flash paper wasn’t ready for live TV and didn’t show enough of Drew’s face for him to even sell the movie. Carrion Kross was told by WWE staff to keep things moving, but he and McIntyre were able to make up the rest of the segment on the spot.

The flash paper was also brought to SmackDown by the executives who took the company jet there. So the prop wasn’t brought in by the prop team or picked up in the area.

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