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In Mariza Villarreal Aka Nina Mercedez, The Fitness Goddess Bio.

Mariza Villareal started as a fitness model in 2002 when she posed for Muscular Development exclusively. She became an overnight sensation in the fitness world, being featured in four separate publications in just one year. In March of 2003, she was featured on the cover of Muscular Development alongside a centerfold photo and a two-page interview. Mariza was included as one of just 12 young women in that year’s issue of the magazine. Since the release of Muscular Development, Mariza has been featured in numerous major publications, including FHM, Men’s Health, and fitness websites.

After the passing of her parents, Mariza had to put aside her hopes and goals of becoming physically fit and instead take charge of her household. In 2013, she was finally able to give fitness another try.

After the passing of her parents, Mariza had to put aside her hopes and goals of being a fitness model to assume responsibility for her family. In 2013, nearly a decade later, she was finally allowed to start working out again. Instead of returning as a casual fitness model, she came back to become an IFBB Pro.

Mariza launched an Instagram account where she posts pictures of her exercises and personal journals, and she now has one million followers whom she motivates regularly. In March 2014, Mariza entered her first competition, the Muscle Contest in Culver City, California. She took first place in her Open class and first place in the Master’s division in her very first show, earning her a spot in the NPC Nationals. A month later, Mariza competed at one of the largest events in Sacramento, California, the Governors show, and finished in the top five. For reasons related to her health, she decided to sit out nationals this year. Several of the industry’s most prestigious supplement manufacturers, including Sheds, Prime Nutrition, and Black Stone, supported Mariza.

For the subsequent decade, after her athletic career ended, Mariza worked as an online personal trainer. She’s well-known for her expertise in both drastic makeovers for mothers and weight loss. She encouraged and inspired many women to drop more than 100 pounds. Mariza’s approach to weight management was unique since she prioritized the mind over physical activity and diet. She revealed her struggles with food and weight on social media, stating that they stemmed from a history of abuse she endured as a youngster. Numerous fans felt a deep sense of intimacy with Maize because of their shared experiences.

After ten years, Mariza has decided to leave the fitness profession to focus on her spiritual development. In addition to her many upcoming endeavors, she has opened her online shop.

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