4Play by KiDi

The Golden Boy, KiDi‘s follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut Sugar, was released that same year and served as a declaration of intent, solidifying his place as one of the most critical voices of his time.

All these milestones guarantee that the hip-hop icon’s next album will be eagerly anticipated, but instead of meeting these sky-high expectations with pop bombast, KiDi turns inside on 4Play, his album for 2022, to reflect quietly on love and passion.

4Play is a conceptual reflection on love, supported by meticulous songwriting that recalls the highs and lows of a relationship, and features the same rich highlife rhythms and mellow R&B vibes that distinguished KiDi’s debut.

The album is held together by four love songs that serve as the album’s anchor, but the music itself never ceases to be captivating. Tracks like “Habibi” and “Champagne” call listeners to the dance floor, while “Zombie” combines the singer’s search for romantic yearning with a raw display of emotion.

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