A man at the Str!p Club Buffet pays extra to get some alone time with a Buffalo Wing in the back room.

According to Ghnewsfile’s source at PEABODY, MA, explains, a Local man Todd Hampton reportedly paid more at the Déjà Vu strip club buffet on Friday to get some alone time in the back room with a buffalo wing. He said he was looking forward to a more personal experience.

“Oh yeah, ever since I walked into the club, I’ve had my eye on this pretty little number,” said Hampton, licking his lips as he asked a nearby bouncer how much time $150 would buy him in the VIP backroom, where he would be able to live out his wildest fan fantasies with the Sriracha-glazed wing.

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“You can do whatever you want back there; you can make whatever sauces you want. There’s no need for napkins. Even the bone can be eaten. “Jesus, this is going to be hot!” At press time, Hampton was seen rushing out of the back room with a big ranch dressing stain on his pants. He looked embarrassed.

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