Nico Williams – ‘I wish things go well for Inaki Williams with Ghana”

Nico Williams, who plays for Spain, is glad that his older brother Inaki William chose to play for Ghana.

The brothers were born in Spain, but their parents are from Ghana. Because of this, both of them could play for the European country.

Nico Williams: I hope Inaki and Ghana get along well.

But Inaki has changed his nationality and now plays for Ghana. Last Friday, he played his first game for the Black Stars in a friendly against Brazil.

Nico, on the other hand, got his first call-up to the Spain team last week. He came on as a substitute in the second half of La Roja’s 2-1 loss to Switzerland.

The younger Williams thinks they both made the right choices, and he says he hopes his older brother does well with Ghana.

“It was a natural decision, each one took their path and thoughtfully made their decision,” Nico told Joy Sports.

“I am very happy that my brother is in Ghana, I wish him things to go well, that he can have a great World Cup and achieve the highest goals.”

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Also, Spain’s coach Enrique says that calling up Nico is not a way to stop the young player from playing for Ghana.

“I’m not doing this to stop him from going with Ghana; he’s young and a very interesting player,” Enrique stated according to The Guardian.

“He’s playing more often with Athletic now. He’s progressing wonderfully. I like him enormously. We’ve had him in the junior squad and have been following him for a long time.

“I reckon the family will be delighted: imagine the party if they both go to the World Cup. And they reach the final, well, that would be the absolute business,” he again stated.

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