Santi Cazorla used a stroke of genius to bring back a trick that Arsenal used to do.

Even though Santi Cazorla is nearing the end of his career, he showed that some of the old magic is still in his game.

The 37-year-old used to play for Arsenal and Villarreal, where he became a fan favorite. He now works in Saudi Arabia. Injuries kept him out of action for much of the rest of his time with the Gunners, but his amazing skills made him a fan favorite right up until he left in 2018.

Cazorla then spent two seasons with his old team, Villarreal, before moving on to Al Sadd, which was managed at the time by Xavi. But Xavi has since moved back to Europe, while his former international teammate has stayed with Al Sadd and signed a new one-year contract with the team over the summer.

And he is still a very important part of their team. He has played every minute of their season so far, scored twice, and set up two goals. But his most recent goal made Arsenal fans think back to the glory days because he repeated a trick that shocked people all over the country.

Back in 2016, Laurent Koscielny asked Cazorla to switch from taking corners with his right foot to taking corners with his left foot. He did this when Al Sadd lost to Al-Wakrah by taking free kicks with both feet.

When he took his first shot with his left foot, the keeper stood still and watched as the ball hit the bottom of the post. But Cazorla did one better in the second half when his right-footed shot went into the back of the net.

Because he could use both hands and feet well, people wondered which was his stronger foot. Cazorla said that the right side was his favorite, but that an injury gave him the chance to get better at the left.

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“Ever since I was young, I’ve always liked to walk on my right foot. In 2015, he said, “I once hurt my right ankle, and that’s when I started to use my left foot a lot more.”

“Being able to use both feet came naturally to me from the moment I started playing. But I keep working hard on it so that my level doesn’t drop.

“Hard work is the foundation of everything. I would stay an extra half-hour after training and kick the ball against the wall over and over with my weaker foot to make sure it got stronger and better. Remember that everything comes from working hard.”

Next summer, Cazorla will once again be a free agent, and it is still not clear if he will keep playing. If he decided to hang up his equally worn boots, he might find a job back in north London. Former Spain international and current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s close friend said he wouldn’t rule out joining Arteta’s coaching team in the future.

In an interview with AS in 2021, Cazorla said, “Mikel was very important to me when I joined Arsenal.” “I didn’t know the language, and he was the only other person who did. He and his family did a lot to help me.

“We were both interested in football and watched games together, and he already had that gene for coaching. I would value it tomorrow, but I’m not thinking about it right now.

“If he gives me the chance and thinks I can help him, I wouldn’t mind, and I’d leave the door open for us to enjoy that experience together.” But there’s nothing to do today, we’ll see.”

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