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A Zambian cameraman exposes Bushiri: “I helped him fake angels”.


A Zambian cameraman and video editor who worked at Bushiri’s Prophetic Channel Television has come forward to join Bushiri Survivors Network and talk about how miracles were edited in South Africa to show moving things on camera that Bushiri said were angels.

Festus, the former cameraman, is the one who edited the video and made it look like moving things that they thought were angels. Since then, he has written to the Prophetic Channel International and asked to be paid $125,500 (K2,000,000) for bringing so many people to the ministry that it made close to $1,000,000 because people were drawn in by the fake angels.

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“Angels didn’t exist,” he said. That was not true at all. I changed the video and put the things in. People sitting close to the angels don’t even notice everything because there was nothing for them to notice. “I have a copy of the video that hasn’t been changed, and I’ll show it to you so you can compare,” he said.

He also said that most of what people see on TV is not real because it is made up of a team of creative people.
“Sometimes even Bushiri laughs and makes jokes about the fact that people love and trust him so much that they would tear down their homes and sleep outside if he told them to,” he said. “I feel bad for loyal people who stand up for him without knowing what happens.” Only if they paid attention to what they saw and thought carefully about it, which they don’t because they are too lazy and blind to think.

The cameraman was fired because it was thought that he was dating a young church girl that his old boss liked to “chew” on. Now that he is back in Zambia, he is doing business in Lusaka.

You can see for yourself how Bushiri got people to believe in fake angels by watching the video on YouTube.

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