American Airlines Passengers Alleged They Heard [email protected] On Plane

People on American Airlines flying from Los Angeles to Dallas probably thought they were about to see a mile-high ho0kup, which sounded so sexy!

On the flight on September 6, people heard what one person called “something between an orgasm and throwing up.”

Watch the video and listen to… It’s coming from the public address system, and it sounds like a guy is about to join the not-so-exclusive club!

It was confusing for the flight crew. One flight attendant thought someone was playing a joke on her, but it was just a strange problem with the PA system that made it sound like a man was moaning.

AA told KTLA that “Our maintenance team checked the plane and the PA system carefully and found that the sounds were caused by a mechanical problem with the PA amplifier, which makes the PA system louder when the engines are running.

You can now go anywhere in the cabin.

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