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A Girl Who Set Off For Abuja To Meet A Facebook Buddy Reportedly Missing

Chidinma Anita Chukwudum, a 16-year-old girl, has been reported missing by her family.

The young woman reportedly traveled from her home in Festac Town, Lagos state, to Abuja to meet a person she met on Facebook who offered to take her to Germany.

Ms. Uche Chukwudum, Anita’s mother, says that her daughter, who recently graduated from high school and is currently awaiting admission, has not been seen since September 18. Their daughter, she added, quietly packed her bags and departed the family home for Abuja on Sunday.

After Anita left, her mother found a message in which she promised to do her best to make the family proud.

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After Anita’s sister gained access to her Facebook account, she saw all of Anita’s conversations with the guy in Abuja who promised their daughter better opportunities in Germany, and the family learned that Anita had gone there.

It turned out that Anita had relocated to Abuja, Nigeria, where her Facebook friend had pledged to help her get to Germany.

The event has been reported to the police, as stated by Anita’s mother.

She stated the police know roughly where her daughter is, but haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact address where she’s being held captive.

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