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Chop Your Man’s Money and Don’t Cook: Nadia Buari Stirs Up Trouble

Actress Nadia Buari caused quite a stir when she decided to give relationship advice, which is not something she usually does.

Nadia has told women that no matter how good they are at cooking, a man won’t stay with them if he doesn’t want to.

She says that even if you’re a great cook, a man can still leave you for someone who orders pizza.

This was shown in a video that Nadia put on Instagram.

The funny tiktok saw Nadia holding a book called “He no go still marry you,” which she had written herself.

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She gave a list of things that, no matter how good you are, won’t make a man want to marry you.

“If you want him to teach you how to cook, he will still let you marry someone who orders pizza,” Nadia told her.

In the next chapter, she had someone else read another rule: “If you like, if you say, “I don’t like spending his money,” he will still let you marry the person who spends the money.”

In short, don’t cook for your man and don’t mess with his money, and maybe he’ll want to marry you.

Nadia, on the other hand, is married and has four children, so finding a husband is the last thing on her mind.

Check out the video…

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