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Facebook Staffs Sigh As Mark Zuckerberg Attempts For 10th Time To Smash A Board With Bare Fist

Mark Zuckerberg tried to break a board with his fist for the tenth time on Wednesday in Menlo Park, California. His CEO said he had done it before when no one was watching, so Facebook employees reportedly sighed as they watched him try.

“He keeps trying to punch through it, and he told us we can’t leave until he shows us how it’s done,” said Facebook engineer Ravi Kumar, wincing as he tried to ignore the pained screams of Zuckerberg, whose fist hit the half-inch pine board weakly and to no avail. “It’s clear that he broke his finger on the fourth or fifth try, but he won’t give up.

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He says that the board must have something wrong with it. Mark needs to stop trying. Sorry, I meant Mark-sensei.” At press time, sources inside the company confirmed that Zuckerberg had hired someone to break the board for him.

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