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I told my fiancé to take some nice photos of me delivering my baby but what he took was just awful – photos

The only thing she cared about during labor was having some beautiful photos to cherish for the rest of her life.

When Morgan Welch saw the photos her fiance had snapped of her during the pivotal moment, she was more than a bit let down.

On TikTok, she began with a photo of her and her fiance, with the caption, “Babe, snap some wonderful picture of me when I give birth.”

She then showed everyone the photo he had taken of her, which showed her hunched over in a hospital gown and clearly in a great deal of discomfort.

The type of photographs he takes, she doodled above.

Thanks, babe, she wrote as a caption.

Commenters on the video were ready to share their thoughts, with one user commenting, “Our beautiful to their beauty is just so different.”

Morgan said, “It was very terrible.”

After forty hours of pushing, my better half finally uploaded them on Facebook, said another.

Someone else responded, “Nooooo omg I would simply quit the earth.”

A third user commented, “Don’t mine took a full video… Of her coming out.”

Another commenter expressed regret over not having hired a birth photographer, writing, “The images he took and shared of me were horrible lol.”

Another contributor made an amusing observation: “I have a snapshot of myself on the table, cut open, with my eyes glazed over and rolled back into my head.”

In addition, someone other chimed in, “Omg am sorry but he should never be allowed to take a picture again!”

When my boyfriend takes a picture of me, it always turns out terrible.

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