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“I’m good enough to play for all three” – the Fulham winger amusingly states

Sylvester Alexander Jasper, an attacker for Fulham, has said that he has not made up his mind regarding which country to play for internationally.

Sylvester Jasper can play football for England, Bulgaria, or Nigeria because he was born in England to a Bulgarian mother and a Nigerian father.

Jasper played twice for the England U-15s in 2016. In contrast, the lively winger was called up to the Bulgarian under-21 team last year and has since played in four games for them.

The 21-year-old is eligible to play for the Super Eagles, as well as the national teams of Bulgaria and England.

Jasper, who is now on loan at Bristol Rovers, is well aware of the fact that he must prove his worth on the club level if he ever hopes to earn national team recognition for the country of his choosing.

While Jasper’s mother is 100% Bulgarian, his father is 100% Nigerian. I first played for them in their official capacity last year.

It was fun since my Bulgarian relatives were able to attend and see me perform for the first time.

I haven’t made up my mind about which country I’ll be playing for.

My options for nationality are wide open: England, Nigeria, or Bulgaria. In my opinion, I can compete at a high level in all three.

To put it simply, I’m taking things slowly.

I need to prove my worth to the team by playing to my potential. And then, “we’ll see what happens.”

To date this season, Jasper has only played sixty minutes for Bristol in League One, all as a second-half substitute.

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