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Florida Landlord Tells Fleeing Tenants “Flood Lease Doesn’t Cover Rooftop Access”

FORT MYERS, FL— Florida landlord Rick Palacio told tenants fleeing Hurricane Ian‘s floods on Thursday that their lease did not include access to the roof. He said this to remind them that the building’s rules must be followed even in the worst natural disasters.

“Hello all, I just wanted to remind our renters again that, according to your rental agreements, you are never, ever allowed on the roof level, even if you are about to drown,” Palacio said.

He also said that he had heard this week that tenants were gathering illegally in off-limits parts of the property, waving their arms in the air, and yelling for help louder than is allowed. “Since yesterday, I’ve seen a lot of lease violations, like trash in the front yard and personal items that aren’t allowed floating around the halls.

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Also, parking is not included, and any fire trucks, National Guard boats, or helicopters that are parked illegally will be towed. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be afraid to act. “You’ve been told.” At press time, Palacio had driven his boat up to the building, yelled at a few tenants that he was taking their security deposits, and put eviction notices on doors that were floating all over the building.

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