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A new EU law will force Apple to change the way it charges iPhones.

Apple has been known for making iPhone chargers that don’t work with other phones for a long time, but a new EU law will force them to change.

The famous “Lightning” connector cable from the tech brand will soon be gone. Under the new rule, which was approved by the European Parliament, all tech companies will have to switch to a USB-C cable.

Before the rule goes into effect at the end of 2024, most phone and tablet makers have already switched to the universal charging lead.

But Apple has mostly stuck with its version of the charger. In the past, the company has even argued that it would be better to change the charger on the end of the cable that goes into the wall.

There are rumors that the company is already working on a charger for their iPhones that will follow the new USB-C rules.

The company has already put the new charger on their other products, like new versions of their MacBook and iPad.

Others have said that the company may decide to stop making charging plugs for their mobile devices and instead focus on remote, wireless charging.

UNILAD has asked an Apple representative for their thoughts on the matter.

By 2024, all cell phones, tablets, and cameras sold in EU countries will have to have a USB-C charging port, according to new EU rules.

This rule will then apply to laptops by 2026, which is two years from now.

Also in 2024, by the end of the year, the EU will have made new rules about wireless charging.

Accessories like computer mice are also covered by the rules. Apple’s accessories, such as AirPods and keyboards, use a Lightning cable right now.

The EU has been trying for years to get all devices to use the same charger. They say that the differences between technologies cause problems for consumers and promote wasteful “throwaway” ideas.

Now, iPhone users are talking about the new chargers on Twitter, and most of them seem pretty happy with the change.

One person on social media replied: “Wow. So now the charger for my iPhone can last more than a year?” Another person said that the Type C charger is “much more convenient.”

“Finally the end of iPhone lightning charger,” someone else wrote of the legislation change.

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