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“Go and Ask your Grand Father” – Shatta Wale to a fan who asked him about his upcoming GOG Album

After the album was delayed several times, a fan went to Shatta Wale’s Facebook page to ask if it was true that he had once again pushed back the release of the much-anticipated album.

Shatta Wale told the guy to go ask his grandfather right away, no questions asked.

“I heard that the date had been moved again.” When a fan asked, “How true is it?” Wale answered quickly, “Go ask your grandfather”. Similar way, Shatta Wale recently made it clear in a tweet that after the release of his GOG album, he would stop making music after about 15 years.

He says that he will turn his whole attention to starting businesses and giving jobs to people who still want to follow in his footsteps.

“THIS #GOGALBUM WILL BE MY RETIREMENT ALBUM. Made enough to go into new businesses and create employment for those who still want to follow the course !” he tweeted.

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