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Lionel Messi Has Been Criticized Over His Private Jet Taking 52 Trips In Three Months

Lionel Messi, an Argentine star, just got back to Paris Saint-Germain after playing for his country in the United States. The 35-year-old forward was in great shape for the South American country as he scored his 90th goal in 164 appearances.

But with his carbon footprint, it looks like he scored a big own goal. Messi rents a gorgeous £ 12 million luxury jet for his trips, and he often lets his family and friends use it as well.

Now, the French newspaper L’Equipe has aimed at the Barcelona legend for its huge carbon footprint. They say that from June 1 to August 31, his jet went on 52 trips all over the world.

They have figured out that this means the plane has put out as much CO2 as a single person would in 150 years in just three months.

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Messi’s plane was made in Argentina by a company that made it for him and his family. It has a lot of great features, like its own kitchen, two bathrooms, and enough room for 16 people to sit down. The chairs are amazing because they can be folded up and turned into eight beds.

To top it all off, the steps have Messi’s wife Antonella’s name and his children Thiago, Ciro, and Mateo’s names, and his No. 10 on the tail.

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