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Kyeiwaa Turns Social Media Into A Total Laugh Stream As She Pronounces Massachusetts And Worcester – Video

The Kumawood actress Kyeiwaa made everyone on social media laugh when she tried to say the name of the state and city where she lives in the United States.

Kyeiwaa had to say the name of the state where she lives, Massachusetts, and the name of the city where she lives, Worcester.

As you might guess, neither try worked out that well.

Kyeiwaa couldn’t read or write, so she had a hard time pronouncing both words. A video of her attempts went viral because they were so funny.

Kyeiwaa said it as “Master Jesus” for Massachusetts.

The funny part doesn’t end there, though. She had even more trouble pronouncing Worcester, calling it “Booster.”

Worcester is pronounced “Worster,” so Kyeiwaa probably heard people say it and thought they were saying “Booster.”

Check out the funny video below.

The famous Kumawood “witch”, was born Rose Mensah, and now lives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the United States of America.

People say that Kyeiwaa works in a restaurant.

She gave up her career and fame in Ghana and moved to the United States because she said she was still poor even though she was well-known and had been in many big movies.

Kyeiwaa fell in love in the U.S. and remarried after a very public divorce. All in all, her life is going very well now.

Source: Ghnewsfile.com

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