F0olishness or True Love? A UNIPORT student sells his kidney to buy his girlfriend an iPhone 14

A young Nigerian man is said to have sold his kidney to pay for the new iPhone, which cost more than N1.4 million.

The boy, who is a student at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), is said to have bought an iPhone 14 after the sale.

From what we could tell, he bought the expensive phone for his girlfriend because he loved her so much.

In a photo collage that’s going around social media, he’s holding an iPhone and showing his belly, which has a plaster on the right side near where the kidney should be.

A social media user shared the story, writing; ”Uniport Student has just sold his KIDNEY To buy IPHONE 14 I for his Girlfriend

He says he too loves the girl”

See below:

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