L3sbian Set To Quit Her Marriage As Husband Restricts Her From Seeing Her L3sbian Partner After Wedding – Video

A woman named Rose told me about a bisexual friend of hers who wants to leave her marriage because of a fight with her husband.

The woman told the story of how her friend told her she was gay.

an, and she told her not to go through with the marriage, but she insisted that she needed to marry a man as a cover.

But not long after she got married, her friend called to say that her husband no longer lets her swing both ways and that she is tired of being married.

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She also said that she doesn’t think her friend should leave her husband because he already spent a lot of money on the wedding.

But Netizens didn’t like her story because they thought she was coming out to wash her friends’ dirty laundry in public.

See the  video here:

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