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(Video+)”I eat once a day” – Stonebwoy claims, if you don’t keep track of your spending, you’ll be unhappy in this economy

Stonebwoy, the leader of BHIM Nation, says that when people say “times are hard,” they should manage their money and goals. If you don’t, they will get angry. He also said that people could ease the pressure by being grateful.

“It’s not easy at all. Someone like me lives right on the street. I have to always have a denomination that I can give away. As if they had to do it. So I can tell. I know what happens. Even the most successful people don’t have it easy. How many more people are there now?

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“All I can say is that our spending and goals need to be realistic, or else you will be disappointed. Above all, we should be thankful for life, because no matter how hard things get, God always finds a way,” Stonebwoy writes on NewDay.

Stonebwoy also talked about helping people in need while he talked about how he manages his money and pays for things like meals.

“Some people can’t even find a meal a day. They go every other day. So, if you cross people like this, and it’s genuine, you can do your best. My formation is once a day. So, I haven’t eaten. I will probably eat at 6 pm.”

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