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Kevin De Bruyne urges to burn Man Utd shirt as he makes emotions known on Red Devils

Kevin De Bruyne took another shot at Manchester United fans after helping Manchester City beat their local rivals Manchester United in the Premier League.

Kevin De Bruyne showed how much he loves Manchester United by threatening to burn a shirt in a funny video.

The star player for Manchester City has already given United fans nightmares at Old Trafford, and now he has gone out of his way to crush a United dream. After embarrassing their neighbors last weekend, De Bruyne showed that the people in the red half of the city had no support.

The City star was a guest on the Belgian podcast Mid Mid, where he was offered a United shirt with his name and number on the back. The host can be heard saying, “It’s a dream,” but De Bruyne quickly stops him by asking, “Can I burn it now?” and saying, “Most dreams aren’t real.”

But he got rid of that shirt quickly, and last week he was able to get Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt from a team that plays against City. At The Etihad Stadium, De Brutyne and his teammates played like crazy and won 6-3, but Ronaldo didn’t get to play.

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But Erik ten Hag didn’t think the 37-year-old should be in the group. But De Bruyne went straight to him after the game, which shows that even his opponents thought he was good.

Reports say that the Belgian was seen holding the famous No. 7 jersey and beaming with happiness over his new piece of memorabilia. Even though he was happy to get Ronaldo’s shirt, his smile was probably more about how easily they beat the Red Devils.

Phil Foden and Erling Haaland each scored three goals, giving them the right to brag. De Bruyne said that the score didn’t show how far apart the teams were.

“We set up quite well,” said De Bruyne. “We found the open spots and played a really good game in the first half. When we’ve played United away, I think we’ve done well, but when we’ve played them at home, they’ve won more than us. They knew what to do to win games.

“But we did better here. In the end, I think 6-1 was a fair score, so it was too bad that they scored two goals.

When Haaland scored a hat-trick in the Premier League for the third time in a row at The Etihad, he got most of the attention. But the Norwegian was quick to praise De Bruyne after he set up two goals, giving him 10 assists in 11 games this season.

“Yeah, it’s amazing. “

We always find each other, even though the passes are crazy “He said that the midfielder and he work well together. “Even though I’ve only been going to the club for a few months, everyone seems to get along so well. This could be the best part.

“The fact that I run away and he finds me makes sense. When this feels right, there is nothing better. It’s cool and different, but we can’t forget about everyone else.

“Kevin is good, but I could talk all day about everyone else. But it’s not just him. There are also many other good passes.

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