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‘Sika Gari Pro Max’ – Nana Agradaa breaks silence following claims of scamming her church congregation.

Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, has been accused again of using a new version of “sika gari” to trick people in her church.

From what we know, the former fetish priestess has brought back her “Sika Gari” scheme and scammed her first group of people in her church.

Nana Agradaa had earlier said on TV that she would give her congregation GH300,000 and that she would double any money anyone gave her.

Many people went to her church on Saturday to pledge different amounts of money after hearing the exciting news, hoping to get it back tenfold.

The victims were disappointed, though, when Nana Agradaa locked up her church after giving a sermon and ran away.

Videos that Ghnewsfile got show a group of angry people crying and protesting at her church in Weija, where they want their money back.

Nana Agradaa has finally said something, and she says that the rumors that she is bringing back her sika gari are not true.

Nana Agradaa says that the devil and some of her enemies are trying to destroy her church by saying that she is trying to scam her church members. However, they will fail miserably.

She told the people of Ghana and her fans that her Church is still open and hasn’t fallen as some people and news outlets had said.

The man who calls himself a preacher used to be a fetish spiritualist and is known for being a con artist. He claimed to have changed his ways in April 2021, after years of tricking people who didn’t know what was going on.

Later, the Christian who was born again started the Heavenway Champion International Ministry in Weija. Within a few months of opening, the ministry had a lot of members.

People still falling for her tricks and getting ripped off of their hard-earned money is surprising.

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