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Newly Wedded Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Post The Cutest Photo Of Their Matching Outfit At Ralph Lauren Show

Following their marriage this summer, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attended their first fashion show and business gathering together. The duo was spotted attending Ralph Lauren’s spring/summer 2023 runway presentation at San Marino, California’s Huntington Library. Together, the duo wore all-black outfits, with Lopez donning a pinstriped dress and cap. The pair took special pride in the occasion because they had dressed in Ralph Lauren for their August wedding in Georgia.

In photographs with Lopez, Affleck showed affection by grasping her hand or encircling her.

Given Ralph Lauren’s unique connection to their wedding and the couple’s excitement to watch the performance, Lopez told reporters.

For Lopez, Ralph Lauren made three bridal gowns. She revealed images of the outfits in her On the JLo newsletter, writing, “The dresses were wonderful… thank you, Ralph Lauren.” I’ll be sharing a few more images and delectable information about our big day very soon,n on The JLo.

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Later on, Lopez wrote a great deal more about her wedding, including the moment Affleck first saw her coming down the aisle, more than 20 years prior at the same Georgia home where they were originally planning to get married. She remembered, “At that very moment, when he saw me emerge at the top of the planning both made full sense and yet seemed still impossible to believe, like the best dream, where all you want is never to awaken. If I hadn’t been working so hard to avoid tripping over my dress, I probably would have had many of the same ideas, but when I got close enough to see his face, it all made perfect sense. That day, some old wounds were healed and the burden of the past was finally removed. Full circle, and not at all how we had anticipated. Better.”

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