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John Dumelo Addresses Possible Consequences Of Galamsey And Claims ‘Ghana’s Likely To Import Foodstuffs’

John Dumelo, a well-known actor and skilled farmer, has disclosed that if “galamsey” practices are not stopped right away, Ghana will begin importing food.

John Dumelo

When asked about the effects of galamsey activities on farming in Ghana, John Dumelo made these comments in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM.

He responded, “Ghana’s farming and food production are at risk due to the manner galamsey activities are destroying our forest areas.

He said, “If we don’t protect our forest reserves very soon, we’ll start bringing in things like yam, cassava, okra, and plantain into this country.”

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According to John Dumelo, “Right now, some people will claim that the issue isn’t that concerning, but if we don’t take precautions, in ten years, we will have to import food since we’ve exhausted all of our fields for galamsey.”

Galamsey, a local Ghanaian term that means “gather them and sell,” refers to illegal small-scale gold mining. These workers are known as orpailleurs in neighboring Francophone countries.

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