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What You Missed At The Wedding Of Kessben’s Son And His “Lovey Dobey”

AnA Makeover, a cosmetic artist from Ghana who goes by Asomdwoe in private, has recently been married.

Except for certain films that surfaced online, not much was known about the wedding at the time of our initial article.

More videos from the incredibly typical wedding have also surfaced online. In one of the videos Kwabena Nsafoa posted on Facebook, Kessben is shown haggling for his son Festus Kesse‘s hand in marriage while wearing kente. Osei Kwame Despite and Ernest Ofori Sarpong accompanied him because they wanted to help.

More clips from the wedding of AnA Makeover

Numerous other videos have surfaced online in addition to the one with Despite and Ofori Sarpong. Here are a few of the most recent videos.

  1. Kessben’s son adored AnA Makeover. After the formal ceremony, the pair enjoyed a special time.
  1. Second look at the couple
    The couple changed into these new outfits for their reception.

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