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Positive Impact Of Social Media On Relationships That You Are Missing-Check It’s Out

Social media can affect all types of relationships in both positive and negative ways. It can help people stay connected, but may also lead to less quality in-person time.

People can use social media to stay connected to long-distance friends and family members or improve communication with their partners, children, and healthcare professionals.

In contrast, social media use can lead to less quality in-person time spent with loved ones and relationship dissatisfaction. These drawbacks may be related to pre-existing relationship issues or psychological conditions.

This article examines three positive and negative ways social media can affect relationships.

Positive effects of social media on relationships 

1. Helps boost connectivity

According to recent research, social media use has a positive impact on social connection if people use it actively.

Family members and friends do not always live in the same city, or even the same state or country. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are quick and convenient ways for long-distance loved ones to stay in touch.

People can post updates about themselves and others in their lives, such as spouses and children, as well as share photos of vacations and other important family events. Additionally, people can tweak their privacy levels and share more personal information or pictures through individual or group messages.

These and other social media apps provide ways for people to video chat in real-time, further helping them feel more connected.

2. Helps improve communication.

Morris discusses the benefits of various types of technology. One example is a parent sharing a self-help app with a child to work through an argument. In discussing romantic relationships, Morris highlights how sharing images via social media can also feel like an extra way to communicate. Using tools such as WhatsApp, and texting through an argument, may also help some people communicate through writing. This allows a person time and space to formulate the right words when face-to-face conversations prove difficult.

3. Aids sexual gratification

Concerning romantic relationships, social media might actually help partners achieve sexual gratification. More specifically, this refers to pornography consumption on social media.

During a study involving 379 participants, researchers found pornography consumption may significantly help a person’s sexual gratification in their romantic relationships. However, the degree to which participants felt this improvement was dependent on the person’s sexual confidence and sexual compulsivity.


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