23rd February, 2021

The Daily Graphic emphasizes the need for a new approach in learning mathematics in the country. The Paper attributes the poor performance of many students in the subject to inadequate preparation of teachers, and lack of students’ interest and confidence in the subject.The Graphic says it is important to disabuse people’s minds that mathematics is for a selected few, as all careers require a foundation of mathematical knowledge. It asks students to relate mathematics topics to real-life contexts. The Paper says students must be encouraged to pursue an educational path that will prepare them for life-long world. It says a new practical approach to teaching the subject will arouse the interest of learners and charged educational authorities to ensure it comes to reality.

The Ghanaian Times is excited about the global focus on the development of COVID-19 vaccines and subsequent purchase of some doses for Ghanaians. It notes that government is aiming to get about 17 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines by June this year. The Times therefore urges all Ghanaians to accept the vaccine to stop transmission of the disease in country. To this end the paper urges conspiracy theorists suggesting that the vaccines are harmful because they were designed to harm the African population to desist from such act.

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