6-years-old girl dreams about the coming election


Early this morning, a six years old girl called Celestine Asime lives in Dabala Volta region of Ghana, narrates a dream she had last night to her mom

She told her mom that she dreamt that she was about going out to vote when she Saw a weird number of people dressed as soldiers who came to their house asking her mom who she’s going to vote for

And her mom said whoever she is going to vote for is her own business, before her mom will finished talking, they slapped her on the face

They started shouting for help and when they were running away, they Saw the same thing going round in the whole community. Bomb’s were thrown at some places, soldiers beating people without any crime.

At that time, they were hiding in some uncompleted building . When they saw another group of people who were fighting with the soldiers beating people around

Though those people who came to solve the problem going on were not many in numbers too, they were able to defeat the people who were killing people. But a lot of people died in the dream before she woke up this morning

Please we should all take this into prayers and call upon the Almighty father in heaven to control the coming election. The devil is also planning what he will do to destroy. Please God is the controller of everything and He’s ready to fight any battle that we will give to Him.