76 Years Nana Addo Is On Isolation, Wise Up And Go For Your Kids Else They Will Die – Kevin Taylor


Social media commentator Journalist Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor through his productions company, ‘Loud Silence’, have asked parents of the finally year students to go for their wards.

According to the social media journalist, by 23rd August about 90% of the finally year students will die of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic because he believes not less than 90% of the students have been infected with the virus. 

Kevin hit on the fact that, few students in few schools have been infected with the virus and what the government needed to do was to close down the school and conduct mass testing, isolate the negative ones from the positive ones to reduce the rate at infecting others but the government have refuse to do so and this will increase the spread rate in such schools. 

He also said the said parents are not wise enough to see that the president of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo do not care about the wellbeing of the students.

According to Kevin, at age 76, Nana Addo is afraid of dying as he has gone into 14 days isolation over suspect coming in contact with an infected person of COVID-19 but wants to expose the innocent student to the virus as he said the EC has said they will send student to a specific registration centers out of the school after NDC’s sue. 

Keven on his show also reveal that the promise made by the president to provide 3 N95 nose marks for each student was not fulfilled as he dropped video of schools including Bole Secretary School student who are not even with the cloth nose masks on campus. 

Voters Registration For Students At School. 

As it stands the Electoral Commission(EC) have commenced a two-day registration at premises of the various senior high schools which began yesterday, July 10, 2020 and will end today but the decision didn’t go well for the direct Opposition party, Nation Democratic Congress as they grad the EC To Court of which they insisted that the exercise being embarked on by the EC in the Senior High Schools is illegal since the said schools have not been gazetted as centres being used for the national exercise.

Who vouch for the students? 

Since the students are not registering from home and no doubt that foreigners are also in our country of which some are even students at our various Senior High Schools, how is the EC going to filter foreigners and know whether the students are 18 years or above following the decision of the Supreme Court to only accept passports, the NIA card(Ghana Card) and two guarantees whiles they reject birth certificate and the old voter ID for the ongoing voter registration exercise? How many students have the Ghana Card or a passport or having people around who can vouch for them to register the new voter ID since parent or individuals are not allowed to come close to the student? 

The hard truth is the voter registration exercise going on at the various schools are not secured. 

Indeed this new voter registration exercise is not a secured one following the inconvenience coming up from the camp of the EC.