A List Of Top Female Celebs Dating Filthy Rich Sugar Daddies But Have Kept It Coded And Classy


In one of the videos that have come up in the middle of Mzbel and Tracey Boakye’s banal social media feud, one lady was heard expressing her disgust and utter disappointment at the two women for the battle of the foul language they have engaged in.

The question remains that same— is there a need to date an older man or rich man to keep that side of our life private and from the prying eyes of the public eyes.?

Then the blame is shifted back to the men dating these men in the first place.

We would give the world to see their reactions when they see the women warming their beds go all over on social media to tear each other with unprintable words.

As someone said, if these men have even an iota of wisdom, they would immediately send these women packing but that may not even come close to the plausible.

We have been having this conversation of ladies dating older men or men rich enough to sponsor the luxury lifestyle they want to live for as long as need be.

It is all over the place at every turnaround— so conspicuous that one cannot miss even if they wanted to and eight out of 10 ladies are engaged in such things, believe it or not.

Quite recently, popular blogger Chris-Vincent Agyapong questioned how much at all do these claimed celebs earn to afford all of the glam they so readily flaunt on social media.

But not all of them come out to make this much shameless noise. In the past, many celebs have been linked to dating one big man or the next and no matter how hard social media gossips have tried to know the man or face behind their quick success, they never come even as close because they have kept it decidedly private, classy and above all, singular and that is all being matured, dating a probably married or BIG man is about.

Instagram blogger Cutie_julls have made a list of some of these ladies—-she says no matter how much you have, even with evidence, these ladies would never give a minute of their time to deny or affirm whatever rumors and she recommends that for Tracey and Mzbel.