A Tragedy Of A Young Female Banker who  Married On Saturday, Died Exactly The Next Saturday [Photos]

We always wake up every blessed day to hear something new in life. This could be a good news which spices up our joy to make life worth living. It could also be a bad news which suppresses our happiness and peace of mind to make life not a better place.

When I was young, I perceived life differently. I thought all things being equal, the older souls will fade before the young ones.

Now, I have come to a full realization of how life naturally or unnaturally present every single moment of happenings. The reality of life!

The reality of life is young souls can depart the four corners of this very earth the same as the older souls and vice versa.

However, the departure of young souls still wakes me up thinking about the mystery of life.

It is a known fact that all of us will depart one day but the departure of young vibrant souls brings a back to back painful memories.

This is an account of a mysterious death of a young promising female banker who died exactly a week after her wedding ceremony.

Linda Wiafe was a worker at Grace Baptist Church Cooperative Credit Union and also a student at Ghana Baptist University College, Kumasi.

Linda and her partner now a widower suffered together and finally got married on Saturday, 27th June 2020.

According to a close friend’s account, Linda became sick on Monday after their wedding and on 4th July 2020, she mysteriously died [exactly a week after her wedding ceremony].

It was further explained that to cnn.ghana that Linda was in the room with her husband when the sickness started. She complained of a stick like strike on her neck and could not breathe as normal. The husband with the help of others took her to a clinic which she was later transferred to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital for an intensive care but died in the process.

According to a source, it was alleged that the family of the lady was not in support of the marriage but the guy tried his possible best to get the lady as wife.

When this happened, a lot of people have read mean into the death of the young lady in relation to her family actions about the marriage.

Painful it is that they could not even go through their honeymoon.


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