Afia Schwar Greedily Trying to Make Money Out of Akuapem Poloo Beef – Details Drop

Afia Schwarzenegger claims Akuapem Poloo is not worth her time or energy however she has attacked her again just recycling the same arguments she already used.

Afia took to her YouTube channel to launch this 2nd attack on Poloo, repeating all the things she already said in her attack earlier today.

The difference being that this time the attack is via YouTube which she can easily monetize.

Afia Schwar has insulted Poloo as a nobody, someone not on her level, called her an attention seeking wh*re, poor and every other thing you can imagine. She claims Poloo is far beneath her yet somehow is attempting to make money off her.

Poloo to her credit is also not lying down idle – she’s also hit back at Afia Schwar.

The two former ‘twinnies’ are apparently sworn enemies now. According to Nana Tonardo, this is because Afia Schwar is suffering from jealousy.

Watch Afia Schwar insulting Poloo part 2 below…


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