Ahuofe Patri’s Mother Allegedly Rained Curses On Kwabena Kwabena for Turning her Daughter Into A Drug Addict

Mother of actress Ahuofe Patri reportedly complained bitterly over how Kwabena Kwabena managed to turn her daughter into a drug addict.

This was revealed by Kontihene, Kwabena Kwabena’s former ‘mentor’, who threw numerous allegations against the ‘Aso’ hitmaker in a recent interview.

According to him, he helped out a certain popular musician’s career and instead of him using that opportunity well the person turned into a drug addict.

Whilst Kontihene did not specifically mention any name it can be inferred from their history that he’s referring to Kwabena.

Kontihene also revealed that at a point this artiste who went into drugs also trained a female star under him to become a drug addict herself.

Looking at Kontihene’s history with Kwabena Kwabena, not to talk of Ahuofe Patri’s long alleged addiction, we can put two and two together and see what he means even though Kontihene was speaking in riddles.


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