Akufo-Addo’s reduced government size a financial decision

A former Minister for Health, Alex Segbefia has stated that the reduced size of government for Akufo-Addo’s second term is financially motivated.

“I think that the finances are the driving force at this point with regards to the size of government,” he said on the Big Issue.

“It is a big issue in that and that is why these numbers have been cut and he has now come to the same position that many were even before the difficulties of the economy came in, that the size of government was too large.”

His comments follow President Akufo-Addo revealing his list of ministerial nominees.

The president essentially scrapped seven ministries; the Aviation, Business Development, Inner City and Zongo Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Planning, Regional Re-organisation and Development, and Special Development Initiatives ministries.

Mr. Segbefia also reminded that the National Democratic Congress has consistently told the government to cut down on their expenses.

“These are not one-off payments made when you appoint somebody. Its recurring expenditure: house, car, security, salary and so much more. For each person you put, it amounts to something. So for me, I believe the new decrease in the number of ministers is purely a financial decision that has been made.”

“The government needs to cut its expenditure and we have been telling them from day one. They thought they will get away with it and then COVID came to teach us all another lesson.”

“This time, he has gone on to explain why he made the decision because he realizes that he may have a number of disgruntled souls within the party over the nominations but first and foremost he has to look at the figures and the figures are not adding up. If he doesn’t cut cost he will be in a deeper financial problem,” he added.

The ministerial nominees have been submitted to Parliament for vetting and approval.

Nineteen central government ministers and four Regional Ministers retained their portfolios.

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