Ama K Abebrese Calls for Counselor Lutterodt to Be Banned by Every TV and Radio Station In Ghana – Not Gonna Happen

Ama K. Abebrese has joined her voice to a petition calling for the stubborn Counselor Lutterodt to be banned from tv and radio in Ghana.

The petition comes as a response to the self-styled counsellor saying on tv that rape victims enjoy the act of being raped.

His comments have rightly been condemned by all including Ama K herself.

Calling for more sanctions against Lutterodt, a petition has been started calling for his ban.

Funnily enough, the Ghana Pschological Association in times past called for Lutterodt to not be given a platform by the media to speak as a professional counsellor but nothing of that sort happened.

View the petition below…


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