Any Unmarried Man Or Woman Is ‘Useless’ – George Lutterodt [Video]


Counsellor George Lutterodt says that men or women who are unmarried are as useless vegetables in a dustbin, returning to his inflammatory rhetoric that has made him the most controversial ‘counsellor’ in Ghana.
Lutterodt, on an appearance on Okay Fm, really tore into unmarried men or women with his wild proclamations about how useless they are for remaining unwed.
Even his fellow clergy were not spared, as Lutterodt’s vitriol also covered priests who are bound by oath not to marry – including Catholic priests such as the Pope.
“A man or woman who is of age, yet not married is as useless as a spoilt vegetable in a dustbin including the fathers and popes. I therefore urge the men or women of today to wake up and marry.” Lutterodt said.
He added that God reserves a special kind of blessing only for married people, so men or women should make haste and get married.

Watch The Video Below;

Video Credit: Okay FM