Applications Wanted – Sumptuous Beauty Nikki Samonas Cries She’s Too Lonely and Needs A Man

Actress Nikki Samonas has admitted that being alone at her age is more than a disease.

The Ghanaian actress is one of numerous Ghanaian celebrities who are yet to find their Mr Right despite heading towards their 40th birthday. Some have already married but it didn’t work out and are now single again.

Finding that right man as a celebrity is not easy and it leaves many of them going through life alone. It doesn’t help either that some of them have to become sidechicks to survive due to the dead showbiz industry.

Speaking candidly, Nikki Samonas in a new post on social media has described loneliness as a ‘disease’.

“Loneliness is a f*cking disease!” the actress wrote.

You can’t deny that no matter how hard you try. Human beings are social animals and we thrive in the company of others.

Pointing that out is just a fact. Bravo on Nikki for that because some celebs try to deny that completely.


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