Berla Mundi questions Haruna Iddrisu

The minority leader and member of Parliament for Tamale central, Hon Haruna Iddrisu has chastised the NPP government for failing to provide the youth a sustainable job but instead established Nabco which in his view is not decent and sustainable.

On the issue of ban on importation of salvaged vehicles, Mr Haruna said, the quick retreat of the NPP government to reconsider the policy, is an indication of double standards and lack of will. He intimated that, with the ban on salvaged cars, many jobs at Suame Magazine, Abossey Okai and many garages in the country will be lost.

The outspoken NDC minority leader and Tamale South maintains the free shs would not be canceled to debunk the claim of the NPP, and argued the double track system would be abolished and bring on board the private schools to support the overflows of students and make the free shs program fair and equitable to students, parents and school administrators.

Appearing on Tv3 morning show on Wednesday September 15, hosted by Berla Mundi, Haruna Iddrisu dared the government to go back to parliament to amend the law on ban of salvaged vehicles and not to make media announcements of suspension of the policy, just for political panicking.When asked about the recent announcement by government, Mr Haruna asked the host Berla whether she has not been to Abosey Okai in recent times to hear the sentiments of car dealers.

On Agyapa deal, the minority leader insisted the deal is bad. Wondered why the government would take $500 million and bequeathed the mineral resources to an entity for 15 years.He admitted the NDC will cancel the deal when they are voted back to power.

On Dagbon, he was reluctant to comment on it, but said, if the government would want to pride itself for bringing peace in Dagbon, then they must as well accept the blame for the murder of the late Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani.


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