Bombshell – Secret List of Nigerian Politicians and Businessmen to Be Arrested for Laundering Money with Hushpuppi


More arrests of big-time politicians and businessmen is about to hit Nigeria following the arrest of Hushpuppi, journalist Kemi Olunloyo has alleged.

According to the controversial journalist, Hushpuppi is just a ‘small boy’ in the game and there are bigger names he launders money for.

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In a submission on social media, Kemi alleges that the FBI has plans to arrest other Nigerian ‘big men’ who travel to Dubai and are believed to be in business with Hushpuppi.

She wrote: “#BREAKING @hushpuppi is not going down alone. 47 countries want him for leading a hacking ring costing individuals, businesses and governments $450M. He has started naming prominent people. My sources in the Federal Bureau of investigation are telling me that if not for the pandemic, they would have detained many “Nigerian visitors to Dubai”. Some of the ppl he named are sitting Politicians he allegedly laundered money for with huge percentage cuts. Like @yelesho said, he’s just the “baby fraudster”. The Grand fathers and fathers are in the govt. He however did not name Ifedayo Olarinde @daddyfreeze🗣️👀”

Hushpuppi and his accomplice Mr Woodberry are currently in FBI custody after their arrest a few weeks ago.

To make matter worse, the FBI has finally extradited them to the United States to face trial.