Campaign On Your Achievements, Not Promises- Renowned Chief Challenges John Mahama


“John Mahama should campaign on his achievements not on what he intends to do if he is given the mandate to rule country again.”

Nana Oteatuoso Kokoben II, Akwanserehene of Akyem Kwabeng who re-echoed what the President said on Wontumi TV and Radio at the weekend said, “boasting that he would resource Assembly members and other juicy promises make no sense because John Mahama came to Assembly members and the question is what did he do to help them when he was in power?

Nana Oteatuoso who was speaking on Wontumi Radio and TV said that, John Mahama is finding it difficult to campaign his eight years achievements.

“Juxtaposing John Mahama’s achievements in eight years against Nana Akufo-Addo’s three years is easy to know who has performed better.” He said

According to Nana Oteatuoso the former President virtually made a covenant with Ghanaians when he collected his exgratia as an indication that he would not apply for re-employment but the opposite has happened.

He cautioned, “”I will not accept John Mahama’s unless the supreme court comes out to clarify the issue within the remit of our laws especially, with respect to the type of remuneration he would be entitled to.”

The Akyem Royal urged John Mahama to stay out of the contest in his own interest and operate along the sidelines as a senior statesman who would be consulted for advice on how best our democracy can function.