Curse Any Politician Who Tries To Buy Your Vote This December – Asiedu Nketia Advice Ghanaians

Mr Johnson Aseidu Nketia aka General Mosquito has advised Ghanaians to rain generational curses on any politician who tries to buy their vote this election period.

He said politicians when voted into power are given every needed resource to develop their community but they sit on the monies and only come after four years to buy votes with public funds.

Politicians will come to you after four years when they have enjoyed power and will give out monies to get you to vote for them. They will buy cloth, rice and other material things to encourage you to vote for them.”

Asiedu Nketia added that electorates should take whatever money a candidate will offer but when they are asked to swear, they should also tell the politician to curse himself if the funds are not tax payer’s money.

When they bring the money, take the money and agree to curse yourself that you will vote for them but also curse the politician that if the money he/she is giving to you is money meant for development or is for the taxpayer then he should bring the rest of the money or he will also be dealt with by the gods,” he said when speaking to electorates in Jomoro in the Western Region.


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