Dominic Ayine apologizes to court for contemptuous comments

A former Deputy Attorney General and member of the petitioner’s legal team Dr Dominic Ayine was summoned by the Supreme Court to show why he should not be held for contempt for his alleged scandalous comments last Tuesday during a press briefing.

During the said briefing, Dr. Ayine made statements to the effect that the court had a predetermined agenda after it refused an application by the Petitioner to reopen his case.

The court indicated that it will not exert any punitive measures against Dr. Ayine and ordered him to purge himself of contempt by retracting his comments and rendering an unqualified apology through the same medium he made those statements.

Counsel for Dr Ayine, Frank Bechem apologised profusely for his conduct. He said his client had since shown remorse and written an apology to the Supreme Court. Dr Ayine in his apology said he had no intention to impugn the integrity of the court or disparage it.

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