ECG Release The Guidelines on Covid-19 Electricity Relief For Lifeline Customers


Following the President of Ghana’s directive, the Government of Ghana(GoG) is to
absorb 100% electicity bills for lifeline residential customers (customers who consume
between 0-50kWh) per month, from now till the end of the year (July – December, 2020).

We wish to outline the implementation guidelines as follows:

Lifeline customers on both prepaid and postpaid metering systems will realise their relief
effective August, 2020 to January, 2021.

Lifeline Prepaid Customers

Customers on smart prepaid meters will be automatically credited each month with
their free lifeline units.
.Customers on non-smart prepaid meters will have to visit their vending points to
recharge in order to receive their free lifeline units for each month.

Lifeline Postpaid Customers

With regards to postpaid lifeline customers, their bills from August 2020, will indicate
the GoG absorption of their lifeline consumption.

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